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BLISS 109: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND NINE" compilation tape with Mrs Pilgrimm (very classy and original pop with jazz tinges), Betty's Clinic (one post-rock instrumental and one indiepop song), Steve & The Somethings (acoustic protest music), Bard of Ely (psych-folk), Idiot Bear (indiepop), Stevie Smith (lo-fi pop), Bouvier (pop-prog), Rivertubes (indiepop/noisepop) and Jose Banuelos (post-rock).

BLISS 110: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND TEN" compilation tape with Rivertubes, The Rotating Stars, The Crayon Theatrical, Somnambula, Fedia Lavrov, Quarkspace, Neurotic Boy Outsider, Dishwater Psychics and The Slow Poisoners. Indiepop, noisepop, psych-pop, quirky pop.

BLISS 111: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN" compilation tape with indierock from Somnambula, Cooler Kings and Orchid House, psych from Agustin Criollo and Quarkspace, blues-rock from The One Eyed Bishops (offshoot of Sloterdijk), beat-driven off-centre indierock from Loopaznavour, punkpop from Holster and rock from Tygre Moth & the Invisible Gypsy Band.

BLISS 112: THE RECKONING "Index & Valediction" 10 track tape. Dark atmospheric songs and soundscapes.

BLISS 113: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN" compilation tape with Gazpacho (classy, individualistic rock; I use 'rock' loosely), Betsy Kohler (indierock), Mothernight (instrumental pop), Squid (powerpop), Tygre Moth & the Invisible Gypsy Band (rock with psych & prog elements), Kitty Hudson (punky, sleazy indierock) and Hit (spacey, psychey music with experimental elements from ex-Tadpoles).

BLISS 114: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN" compilation tape with Micro Mach Machine, A Savage, Mike Pursley, The Reckoning, Sniper Wolf, Badcrumble, Aqua Vista, Milo, Mark Ritchie, Ian Simpson, Geoff Ereth and Lifesmyth. Features a variety of music, mostly (but not all) with a lo-fi/homemade feel - pop-punk, acoustic pop, dark atmospheric pop, surf, quirky pop, indiepop, off-centre electronic pop, electronic instrumental music with a medieval/classical touch, and psych-folk-pop.

BLISS 115: TIMO "I Go Alone" 11 track tape. Some noisy songs, some more melodic, often with angry, harsh, dark lyrics. Has different cover and running order of tracks to the version on KAW.

BLISS 116: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN" compilation tape with Lifesmyth, The Henry Road (psych-pop), Ruocco (guitar-pop), David Shaw (indiepop with an acoustic emphasis), Princess Headbutt (off-centre electronic pop meets noisepop meets experimentation), Plouf! (ramshackle garagey noisepop) and The Pristines (one psych-pop song and one indiepop song).

BLISS 117: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN" compilation tape with The Pristines, Earth the Californian Love Dream (ex-Manatee), Hamfatter, Eoin O'Mahony, Abinger Drive, Peace, Talkshow, The BosweLLs, Eedie and The Rotating Stars. Indiepop, psych, rock, indierock, powerpop, electronic pop.

BLISS 118: FOXGLOVES "Deliquium" 12 track tape of acoustic melancholia.

BLISS 119: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND NINETEEN" compilation tape with Shy Rights Movement, Bill & the Antidepressants, The Rotating Stars, Faster, Mikhail Atom, Limited Sight Distance, The Mundys, Superelectric (not to be confused with 90s band Super Electric who have appeared on previous tapes), A December Lake and Thee Moths. Indiepop, noisepop, spacey experimental instrumentals, spacefolk, post-rock, lo-fi pop, quirky noisy instrumental music, electronic psychedelic pop.

BLISS 120: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY" compilation tape with And Academy, Object Astra, Fractured, Plastica, Fluid, Dreams of Tall Buildings, The Psychedelic Breakfast, David Shaw & Gary Lyons, Slow Organ Noise Explosion, Eggomatic and My Favourite Brunette. Indiepop, post-rock, contemporary folk, indierock, experimental, psych-pop.

BLISS 121: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY ONE" compilation tape with Aberdeen Loving Gods, Otalgia, Ninja Massacre, Sensus, Wake Up 37, The Hitchers, Violafan, Bugeye, Nothing 2 Declare, Super Massive Object and Nick Decay. Noisepop, indierock, punkpop.

BLISS 122: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY TWO" compilation tape with The Original Beekeepers, Val Davis, Simon Felton, Rob Skane, Low-Beam, The Henry Road, Debaser, The Mist Beets and Chris McCall. Indiepop, powerpop, psych-pop, noisepop - also psych-pop meets the American variety of folk-rock from Val Davis, and sophisticated and slightly off-centre pop from Chris McCall.

BLISS 123: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THREE" compilation tape with Super Massive Object, Plastica, Without a Clue, Rockets & Cars, Team Rocket, The Silver Thread, King Bathmat, No-Fly Zone and Ambajack. All the bands here can be broadly categorised as indierock, except for Ambajack who do a sort of American-style folk-rock, and King Bathmat who contributes a Celtic-inspired folk-rock track and a more proggy song.

BLISS 124: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR" compilation tape with Stilts, The Danny Says, Gordon B Isnor, Hamfatter, theonewhoflew, The Pristines, Under Shooting Stars, Keith Thomson, Alpine Low, Fluid. Various types of indiepop, including 60s tinged, noisyish, slightly quirky, DIY, electronic, melancholic, post-rock tinged, and just plain indiepop. There's also Keith Thomson, who isn't strictly indiepop, more of a classic singer-songwriting type thing, but whose music doesn't sound out of place amongst these other indiepop bands.

BLISS 125: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE" compilation tape with Emanican, Timo, Dragonflies Draw Flame, Filtered, Headphone, The Room, Ghostriders, Red Rum, Ninja Massacre, Mike Pursley. Indierock, noisepop, powerpop, as well as underground singer/songwriters Timo and Mike Pursley, experimental rock from Red Rum, electro-punk-pop from Ninja Massacre, and Headphone who are quite hard to pigeonhole but 'alternative chill-out pop' is pretty close.

BLISS 126: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SIX" compilation tape with Hum & the Quick, Jonathan Donaldson and the Color Forms, Ian Simpson, The Rabbit's Hat, Horse Feathers, Unos Dabs, Tyko, Mike Pursley. A collection of creative artists/bands, ranging from the sophisticated pop of The Rabbit's Hat, the eclectic DIY pop of Ian Simpson, the inventive surf/Spanish/indie music of Horse Feathers, the spacey dreampop of Tyko and more in between.

BLISS 127: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SEVEN" compilation tape with Crazy Vincent, Blue Gum Ears, Sue Salter, Magic Crayon, Freezerburn, Bill & the AntiDepressants, Fluid, Mastasini, Timo, Arrial. Indierock, indiepop, noisepop, electropop, DIY electronica and melodic instrumental music.

BLISS 128: THE CONSPIRACY "1996-2000 (Remixed 2003)" 10 track tape of remixed versions of songs from 1996 to 2000 (not dance remixes). The Conspiracy are a long running underground band with an eclectic set of influences ranging from 60s pop to 70s rock to punk to non-twee indiepop.

BLISS 129: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE" compilation tape with Ladzi Galaļ, Captain Wilberforce, Mark Ritchie, My Alibi, Paul Waters, The Goslings, Ben Niven, Northern Remedy, MJB, Bank Holiday and Brown Bear. Various types of indiepop & indierock, plus The Goslings who do a kind of dark experimental music. Last ever Bliss tape.

Note that descriptions used for music on the tapes are used quite loosely and some of you may categorise a certain band in a different way to me, but I hope the descriptions give some idea of what the music is like.

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