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BLISS 097: "BLISS VOLUME NINETY-SEVEN" indiepop, indie-rock, psychedelic, lo-fi noisepop compilation tape with Grasp, Ian Simpson, The Murmurs of Irma, The Mundys, Census of Hallucinations, Morose, The Colours Seen From Behind, Southville, Onq, The Reverends.

BLISS 098: "BLISS VOLUME NINETY-EIGHT" compilation tape with America's #1 Sweetheart, Nero's Acolytes, Anna Kashfi, CrazyFace, "singles", Foxgloves, Theory of Everything, Ian Simpson, The Beaker People, Scarlet Soho and Junkbunny. Indiepop, indie-rock, powerpop, quirky pop, noisepop, acoustic music, country-tinged pop.

BLISS 099: GARY K "As Poor As Are Is Pale". 16 unusual instrumentals.

BLISS 100: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED" compilation tape. Indiepop, mostly the homemade variety, plus some impressive glam-disco-pop from Romeo Trading Co, a song from Ben Calvert (one of the few singer/songwriters who has been compared to Nick Drake who actually sounds similar to him), and some quirky instrumental music from The Radiator Experts. Also includes Ian Simpson, The Unspeakable Turks, Junkbunny, B Sizzey, Greg Murray and Fernando (Argentina).

BLISS 101: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND ONE" compilation tape, mostly various types of indie-rock, indiepop and noisepop, plus an ingenious mix of folk and dance music from The Men-An-Tol Project, and instrumental music from Agustin Criollo & Francisco J Torres (the first track is a mixture of styles, the second is more post-rock). Also includes Holster, The Hamptons, Morose, Mellow Drive, The Ministers, Distant Sun and Baggage.

BLISS 102: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND TWO" compilation tape with Halftime Oranges, Anna Kashfi, Mind Candy, B Sizzey & V, Timo, Small Town Boredom, The Beaker People, La Pieta, Debaser and Bulldog. Most songs on this tape can be loosely classed as indiepop - there are several different types of indiepop here, ranging from 80s style to country tinged to homemade to instrumental and more.

BLISS 103: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND THREE" compilation tape with indie-rock from Holster, Miranda and Carson, spacey noisepop from La Mômo, classy indiepop from Marvellouz, surf instrumentals from The Coffin Daggers, inventive pop from The Bee Men (ex-L'Augmentation), surf-tinged indie-rock from The Palantines, dreampop from Sully, drone-based spacerock from The High Impedance and experimental pop from Dave Swain.

BLISS 104: KAYE/POLOPOP "Harlequin Collection" 16 track tape. A very talented singer/songwriter who records folky songs under her own name and electronic pop songs under the name of Polopop.

BLISS 105: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE" indie-rock/indie-pop/rock/punk-pop/noisepop/acoustic music compilation tape, with Without A Clue, Caligari, Nozomi, Tygre Moth & the Invisible Gypsy Band, Osmosis, Gretchen Trees, Borgia Popes, The Also-Rans, What If I, Rigsby.

BLISS 106: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND SIX" compilation tape with indiepop from Hover, Jeffrey Simmons, Motherplant, Halftime Oranges and Stars of Aviation, lo-fi pop from Airline, My Dear Killer and B Sizzey, dreampop from Sully, powerpop from Contakt, and off-centre instrumental pop from Merchandise.

BLISS 107: MOROSE/THE COLOURS SEEN FROM BEHIND "The Worst Of..." 16 track tape of demos, outtakes and rare tracks from these lo-fi pop/noisepop/indierock bands from Italy. Mauro from both bands assures me the title is ironic, and I'm inclined to agree. This is good homemade music, both quiet and noisy.

BLISS 108: "BLISS VOLUME ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT" compilation tape with Mothburner (dark folk), Valery D'Mentier (classical/medieval/prog influenced instrumentals), Regal (indie-rock), Inter Nos (heavy experimental prog), Romeo Trading Co (indie-rock with a glam touch), Trelik (quirky punk-pop), Frank Peck (melancholic indiepop), Census of Hallucinations (one folk-rock song and a sophisticated pop/rock track), The Secrets (60s style rock n' roll/R&B) and The Autumn Reign (60s style garage/pop/psych featuring ex-Nuthins and Unchayned).

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