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BLISS 081: "SILVER STARS" compilation tape with Inter Nos (experimental prog), Oberon (proggy, folky, dark rock), Gandharva (a cross between 70s-ish rock and noise-pop), Mugwump (alternative rock with a fairly dark sound), The Vow (noise-pop), Purple Fire (70s-style heavy rock), Mr Quimby's Beard (70s-ish spacerock), Reckoning (dark synth based pop), Lifesmyth (laid back pop with a psychedelic feel).

BLISS 082: "BLISS VOLUME EIGHTY-TWO" indie-pop/noise-pop compilation tape with Cookiepusher, C Browne Jr, Grover, Ray Carmen, The Far Things, Echo Is Your Love, Loomer, Any Crowded Ceiling.

BLISS 083: "BLISS VOLUME EIGHTY-THREE" indie-pop/noise-pop compilation tape, some lo-fi, some not so lo-fi, with Fernando (Argentina), Make A Wish, Goodnite Moon, The Spanish Amanda, Loomer, Pope John Paul The Third, The Cosmic Void, The Flashing Astonishers, Toyskin.

BLISS 084: "BLISS VOLUME EIGHTY-FOUR" noise-pop/spacerock/psychedelic compilation tape with Mr Quimby's Beard, Echo Is Your Love, The Far Things, Idiom, Toyskin, Sweet Venus, Hiroshima Mon Amour, Mir.

BLISS 085: "BLISS VOLUME EIGHTY-FIVE" indie-pop/70s-ish rock/noise-pop compilation tape with Marine Time Keepers, Body Full Of Stars, Senseless Prayer, Bryanorman, Jim Murray, The Rabbit's Hat, MJB.

BLISS 087: "BLISS VOLUME EIGHTY-SEVEN" compilation tape with Chrysler, Mir, Daniel Prendiville, Frank Peck, Winterfall, Tim Chaplin, MJB, Lettuce Prey, Revolver, Ring. Mostly indie-pop, with a couple of noise-pop tracks and a melodic punk song.

BLISS 088: "BLISS VOLUME EIGHTY-EIGHT" compilation tape with Tim Jones, The Unspeakable Turks, Winterfall, Godboy, Karina ESP, Shay, Loomer, Lifesmyth. Indie-pop, folk-influenced music, spacey stuff, quirky rock.

BLISS 089: "BLISS VOLUME EIGHTY-NINE" compilation tape with Tim Jones, Da.nu.lo, Shy Rights Movement, Godboy, Krankheit der Jugend, The Spanish Amanda, Solar Plexus, Cloud. Various kinds of indie-pop plus some quirky electropop and quirky rock.

BLISS 091: "BLISS VOLUME NINETY-ONE" compilation tape with Lazzi Galai, Census of Hallucinations, Neon, The Flashing Astonishers, Madman's Butterfly, Reckoning, Krankheit der Jugend, Iota, Picture the Beautiful, Ciccone. Quirkpop, noisepop, indiepop, prog, psych, dark pop.

BLISS 093: "BLISS VOLUME NINETY-THREE" compilation tape with Moonbabies, Garfield's Birthday, Madman's Butterfly, Mocca, Bobsy, Suicide Cat, The Lead Feathers, The Stinking Badger of Java, Postal Blue, Arnald Paul. Includes some psychey and/or folky tracks, an experimental pop song and lots of old-style indiepop.

BLISS 095: "BLISS VOLUME NINETY-FIVE" indiepop/psychedelic compilation tape with The Stinking Badger of Java, The Unspeakable Turks, The Shining Hour, Lysa Gora, Mavis, The Lazily Spun, Shay, Pinkie (Alex from Brighter's new band), Stars on the Water, Parachute.
"You might want to get yourself a copy pretty much anytime from now. Or don't you love pop music? Do you not see the importance or value of heart on chrome? Hurrah for Bliss cassettes!" - JAMES JAM in DROWNED IN SOUND

BLISS 096: RIVER "Small Garden and Empty Fields" 14 song tape. Starts with a rather commercial discopop number that's surprisingly good for a song of this type. The rest of the tape consists of old-style, sometimes twee, indiepop, as well as more folk-tinged tracks reminiscent of The Kitchen Cynics.

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