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BLISS 068: "JADE" compilation tape featuring Mothburner (noisy/dark/melancholic stuff), Legend (pagan/progressive folk-rock), Orpheus (dark pop-rock, pre-Mugwump), Irreligion (progressive gothic rock) and Wilderness (rockish power-pop, also pre-Mugwump).

BLISS 069: THE CONSPIRACY/STEVE ANDREWS "Living Books" 14 track tape. The Conspiracy's side is a collection of live/acoustic songs - laid back and mellow with a touch of folkiness. Steve Andrews' side is a mixture of pop, folk, rock, reggae-ish stuff and experimentation.

BLISS 070: GARY K "And The Sun Is Still..." 10 track tape, plays the same both sides. More of Gary's original-sounding instrumentals, some guitar-based, some keyboard-based and some a bit of both.

BLISS 071: MOTHBURNER "The Overcast" 8 track tape. Dark, melancholic songs ranging from delicate and sparse to noisy, but all with a big emphasis on melody.

BLISS 072: "CAT'S EYE" indie-pop/punk/noise-pop/rock/kinda strange instrumentalism compilation tape with The Rabbit's Hat, Spacehopper, Faster UK, Vinyl Bill, Godboy, Stan, Gary K.

BLISS 073: TIMO "Timo's 2nd Bliss Tape" 8 tracks, plays the same both sides. More of Timo's tuneful songs.

BLISS 074: GARY K "Knots Surreal" tape. 6 fairly long instrumentals which are quite strange yet tuneful.

BLISS 075: FRANK PECK "Field Recordings" 11 track tape. Lo-fi-ish, minimal, melancholic songs.

BLISS 076: "BURGUNDY" compilation tape with Grasp, Simon Wrest, Andy Savage, Timo, Nimbus, Frank Peck, Seraphin, Don Campau & Robin O'Brien, Vampire Circus, Ray Carmen. Mostly indie-pop, some indie-rock and a bit of eerie experimental rock.

BLISS 077: "CRIMSON" compilation tape with Sack Trick (quirky tongue-in-cheek rock), Mark Hanley (Eastern influenced psychedelic rock instrumentals), Strange Mage (rock with slight proggy hints), The Stinking Badger of Java, Ufonaut, Fetishes (songs with an inventive approach, sort of pop but not your average pop band), Turtle Box (noisy stuff).

BLISS 078: WARSER GATE "Sudden This New Routine" 13 track tape of angular, noisy music, a kind of warped psychedelic rock/noise-pop thing.
"Dark, twisted psychedelia from the ever prolific gods of weirdness. Really industrial, noisy garage sound. Manic and disjointed. Sometimes veering towards punk. They are not easily pigeonholed and all the better for it" - PISTOLS FOR TWO

BLISS 079: "ROSE PEARL" compilation tape with Immediate, Frank Peck, Michael Canning, Devereux, The Rabbit's Hat, Famlende Forsøk, Karina ESP, Minmae. Indie-pop, noise-pop, quirky songs, rockish stuff, spacey instrumentalism.

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