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BLISS 053: THE CONSPIRACY "Retrospective" 15 track tape. A, yes, retrospective collection of The Conspiracy's diverse sounds, ranging from indie-pop/rock to psychedelia to 60s/70s style pop/rock to even rap (but not dancey rap).

BLISS 054: "CINNABAR" 14 track indie-rock/indie-pop/experimental rock/electronic instrumental/folk-pop compilation tape with Mr Ebu, Zerobranco, The Conspiracy, Terri B, Body Full Of Stars, Treehouse, Grainfield, The Inkpot Monkey.

BLISS 056: "COBALT BLUE" indie-pop/noise-pop/early 70s-ish rock compilation tape with The Conspiracy, Body Full Of Stars, Satsuma, The Rabbit's Hat, That Man There, Hinton, Gas Solari, Zirconium.
"The recording quality is far higher than most comp tapes and this reflects the fact that the bands on it are pretty serious about what they're doing" - QUIRK

BLISS 058: "RED SUNSET" compilation tape with Grass Harp (progressive/gothic/psychedelic rock), Mothburner (dark folk-rock), Terri B (one track of experimental pop and one of eerie experimentation), Mr Quimby's Beard (folk-tinged spacerock), Lady Morphia (dark folk), Flaming June (indie-folk-rock).

BLISS 059: "SPINEL" compilation tape, mostly pop-punk and noise-pop, plus instrumentals from Gary K and rock from Stan. Also features The Kinky Savage, Michael Eric Dowey, Gas Solari, Faster UK, Star*Pillow, Honeygun, Nimbus.

BLISS 060: "MOONSTONE" compilation tape, mostly indie-pop/indie-rock, plus prog-rock from Inter Nos, garage/rock n' roll from Slow Smile, and sophisticated piano-based pop from Caroline Walters. Also features This Elegant Chaos, Super Electric, Smarty Pants, Timo and Girlboy Girl.
"Features eight groovy bands ... who are all doing their own thing away from the mainstream madness, that's what I like, that's why it's so cool. Buy it now and check it out! Truly an education in music" - BLAG

BLISS 061/DOOB 51: GARY K "Rinsed Interiors" 13 track tape, split with Umbababayee label. Melodic guitar-based instrumentals.

BLISS 062: "AMBER" compilation tape with Carlo Robert DeShouten (folk-rock instrumentals), Mugwump (alternative rock with gothic/70s tinges), Into The Abyss (progressive gothic rock), Sceptocrypt (dark/heavy experimentation), Kopecky (Eastern influenced prog-rock instrumentals) and Legend (pagan/progressive/folk rock).

BLISS 063: TIMO "Timo" 14 track tape. Singer-songwriter stuff that's not really indie, pop or rock, just great melodic songs.

BLISS 064: "GARNET" compilation tape, mostly indie-pop/noise-pop, plus quirky electro-pop from Biotrull, prog influenced pop from Herb Heinz, and vaudeville-prog-pop from Amy X Neuburg & Men. Also features Caustic, The Bernards, MJB, The Vow and Gelee Royal.

BLISS 065: "MAROON" indie-pop/noise-pop/electronic pop compilation tape with MJB, The Freed Unit, No Wings Fins Or Fuselage, Mary Lake, Biotrull, Mother Goose, Vinyl Bill, Godboy, Thief of Energy, Multiplex.

BLISS 067: "AGATE" indie-pop/pop-punk/noise-pop/indie-rock compilation tape with Timo, Gulliver, Punch Line, Sketty, Shy Rights Movement, Steve Andrews, The Conspiracy, Vodka Camels, Body Full Of Stars and Spacehopper.

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