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BLISS 036: THE ORIGINAL MIND "From Bard To Verse" 14 track tape. Fairly lo-fi 60s/70s influenced music, mostly psychedelic rock.
"The band play their own version of progressive, psychedelic, hippie, folksy, rock music that in my opinion will please just about every music fan ... a delightfully fresh, atmospheric, aurally infectious band I just can't get enough of" - CYRKEL SPYNN

BLISS 037: "LILAC MAUVE" indie-pop/psychedelic/indie-rock compilation tape with Chuzzlewit, Fugu, The Waiting List, The Original Mind, Dale Taylor & The Disprins, Trespassers W, Mumbly and Birdhouse.

BLISS 038: STORMCLOUDS "Stormclouds" 16 track tape, a sort of "best of" compilation from their various Acid Tapes releases. Fuzz-pop, folk-pop, psychedelia, country-ish pop.

BLISS 041/DTW? 23: "FROZEN DAMIANA" split compilation tape with Does This Work? label, featuring indie-pop/noise-pop/indie-rock from Chuzzlewit, Steve Andrews, The Waiting List, Simon Wrest, Watoo Watoo, The Conspiracy, Vitamin Collins, Gulliver, Catfish, Pamplemousse, Moonpump, Tommy 16, Mumbly, Twister 5, Blue, Christine.
"This is the best compilation tape I've heard for a while, it flows well into one complete listening experience, and there's not a duff track on it. Both sides seem carefully assembled, with a vigilant eye on quality control, and there's variety enough to keep the pace going. Can't think of a bad word to say about it to be honest" - CIRCLE SKY

BLISS 043: "TOPAZ" compilation tape with Mogul (glam-pop-punk), Birdhouse (indie-rock), Gulliver (quite strange-sounding underground pop), The Kitchen Cynics (acoustic-based pop), Electroscope (minimal psychedelia), Mana Erg (one track of psychedelic pop, another of operatic synth-based music), Moonpump (indie-pop) and Subaqwa (fairly dark but not heavy indie-pop).

BLISS 044: "INDIGO VIOLET" indie-rock/indie-pop/melodic punk/minimal psychedelia compilation tape with Janice Pugsley, Konfettura, Electroscope, Warser Gate, Fun House, Crayola Summer, Mary Lake, Girlboy Girl, The Waiting List.

BLISS 045: THE KITCHEN CYNICS "The Quiet Ones" 17 track tape. Acoustic-based pop with psychedelic/folky hints.
"At first listen, these songs sound like old English folk tunes. They're originals, and while many of them come across like children's songs, some of them sound vaguely creepy, almost hallucinogenic at times. They all have a quiet, intimate quality that really struck me. Personally, I've never heard anything like it ... I definitely wanna hear more" - REVIEWS BY RAY
"I like this a lot ... acoustic folk, all well enjoyable" - CREAM OF THE CROP

BLISS 047: "TOURMALINE" indie-pop/psychedelic/spacerock/progressive-pop-punk compilation tape with M-Ways, Blooming Cellar, Ant-Bee & Captain Fantasy, Caustic, Lady McCrady, The Creams, The Original Mind, Garlic, The Kitchen Cynics, Magic Moments At Twilight Time.
"Kim at Bliss certainly knows how to put an album together, 16 tracks in all, and to be honest they're all of real quality" - CREAM OF THE CROP

BLISS 048: "PLEASENT SWIMMING: AN INTRODUCTION TO THEE WORLD OF INNER PSYCHE" 22 track indie-pop/noise-pop/experimental (more experimental than the usual Bliss stuff) compilation tape. A selection of tracks from the Inner Psyche tape label, with Scooter, Boot Family with Jowe Head, Spo-It's, Unified Field Theory, Crayola Summer, Thee Shrinkwrapped Genious, D.I.S., Treewirehead, Mo Letters, Colgates and Weenie Muffins.

BLISS 050: COLIN CROSS "Deviant Heart" 11 track tape. Raw, lo-fi rock n' roll and poetry, witty lyrics. More lo-fi than other Bliss stuff - this is louder in one channel than the other, except for one song - but don't let that put you off...

BLISS 051: "RUBY" 16 track compilation tape with Colin Cross (lo-fi rock n' roll), Garlic, Die Traktor, Smarter (indie-rock), Steve Andrews (one track features the band Pod, and is laid back pop, the solo track is more dancey), Calimero (noise-pop), Mugwump (alternative rock with slight 70s and gothic tinges), The Space Dentists (kitsch lo-fi pop).

BLISS 052: "GREEN TOMATO" 14 track indie-quirk-pop/pop-punk/pop-prog-punk compilation tape with Franco Turra, Speedvark, Agebaby, Mad Uncle Jane, Scott Brookman, Gulliver, Schup, Super Electric.
"One of the best comp tapes about in a long while, I've heard a few and this takes the best of prize" - CREAM OF THE CROP

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