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BLISS 017: "EMERALD" 14 track indie-pop/noise-pop compilation tape with Guedeon Della, Los Flechazos, Magoo, The Bruise Violets, Craig Beaton, Eliminator Jr, Christine. DELETED at the request of Magoo, whose tracks were early demos which they no longer want people to hear. This tape may be reissued in future without the Magoo tracks, if enough people show an interest in its re-release.

BLISS 019: "MAGENTA" 14 track indie-pop/noise-pop/punk-pop/indie-dance compilation tape with Glaring Surge, Moneyspider, Immacolate Concezioni, The Sordid Details, Sound Devise, The Bruise Violets, The Automatics (UK), Who Moved The Ground?

BLISS 020: "SAPPHIRE" 16 track indie-pop/noise-pop compilation tape with The Perfect Circles, Dog Shop, Bloom, The Waiting List, Boy Scout, Peru, Babe Rainbow, Sonic Flower Groove, Evergreen.

BLISS 021: "BURNT UMBER" 14 track indie-pop/noise-pop/indie-rock compilation tape with Boy Scout (members of White Town, The Millers, Bulldozer Crash, Deskimoes), My Favourite Things, The Hum of Good Machines, The Conspiracy, Eva Luna, Phantom Dog, Spring, The Bigger The God.

BLISS 023: "AMARANTH" 15 track indie-pop/noise-pop/indie-rock/melodic punk compilation tape with My Favourite Things, Feed, Eva Luna, Union Wireless, Dreaming Flowers, The Waiting List, Compact Pussycat, Aquanaut, Pandora's Lunchbox, Dream Baby Dream.

BLISS 025: THE CONSPIRACY "Eclectophrenia" 15 track tape. A band with numerous influences, but the most noticeable ones on this release are 60s/70s rock/pop.
"The whole is based on a psychedelic/garage foundation ... some of the songs come with a quite pop character, while others come with a spacey touch" - FIGHT AMNESIA

BLISS 026: "CARNELIAN" 15 track indie-pop/pop-punk/space-rock compilation tape with Dream Baby Dream, Junkie (members of Secret Shine), The Conspiracy, My Revolution, Sourpuss, Cabaret Rats, Blue Velvet, Magic Moments At Twilight Time, Udder.

BLISS 028: THE CONSPIRACY/STEVE ANDREWS "King Arthur's Coming" 13 track split tape. The Conspiracy's side shows the more laid-back, poppish side of the band, Steve Andrews' side is an eclectic mix of rock, pop, folk and dance, and features guest appearances from other musicians such as Ian Wallace, Janice Pugsley, Isaac Andrews and Get Rhythm.
"The Conspiracy are like a blissed out lightweight Hawkwind meeting up with an acoustic Big Country, all with a slightly leftfield sixties psychedelic ambience. Steve Andrews is a superb self publicist and eccentric musician who writes from a folklore and fortean angle" - ROCK 'N' REEL
"The Conspiracy have again produced a very warm sound (with) psychedelic elements as well as an avant garde touch and a great sense for beautiful melodies. (Steve Andrews' songs) Priest of the Venusians and Jungle Love continue the mood of the Fugs and Zappa, with Rockabilly guitars and an excellent space and psychedelic touch in the middle of some R'n'B grooves. Above all, Steve's vocals give to the whole the additional hippie touch ... yet the whole isn't kinda flower power stuff, since it bears that Zappa-esque, humorous and often ironic attitude" - FIGHT AMNESIA

BLISS 029: "SILVER PURPLE" 17 track indie-pop/noise-pop/indie-rock compilation tape with Udder, Honey Langstrumpf, Nothing, Inter, Stormclouds, Kinky, Girlboy Girl, The Blue Smarties, Pribata Idaho.

BLISS 031: "UNTITLED BLISS COMPILATION #1" 9 track indie-pop/noise-pop tape, plays the same both sides. Features Gulliver, Steve Andrews, The Conspiracy, Udder, Automatics (Spain), Twister 5.

BLISS 033: "SHIMMERING OPALS" 16 track compilation tape with indie-pop from The Waiting List, Los Flechazos, The Conspiracy, Dream Baby Dream, Moon Soap, Bloke and Girliegerm, alternative rock from Mugwump, and arty/psychedelic rock from Trespassers W.
"For an underground tape, this is damn fine quality" - POCKET

BLISS 034: "AZURE WINDOW" 16 track compilation tape with Holy City, Jet (both new-wave tinged indie-pop),The Original Mind (psychedelic rock), Planet Cake (funk-punk-jazz-prog-rap-pop), Pop-Off Tuesday (vaguely indie-dance-ish music with slight 60s hints), The Monsoon Bassoon, Sleepy People (both a mixture of prog rock, punk and psychedelia).
"Bliss mistress Kim has real good taste in compilation tracks" - AUTOREVERSE

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