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VARIOUS ARTISTS We All Shine On: Celebrating the Music of 1970 CD (Spyderpop)

22 bands from the current pop-rock scene come together to pay tribute to the music of 1970, a musically eclectic time when quintessentially 1960s acts like The Kinks and Donovan were still going strong, a heavier style of music was starting to be made by bands like The Stooges, and many other tastes were being catered for, with soul, country and smooth radio-friendly pop also making an impact on the charts. The artists here are drawn from the rosters of Spyderpop Records and its partner label Big Stir, as well as contributions from well-established powerpop names like Mitch Easter. The choice of cover versions here draws from a varied mix of megastars and more obscure one-hit wonders, with music from all the above mentioned artists and genres putting in an appearance.

Petsche/Raines (of The Pengwins) open the album with the soulful rock of Are You Ready?, originally by Pacific Gas & Electric. The bubblegum pop number Sunshine by The Archies is beefed up with powerpop grit by sparkle*jets uk. Mitch Easter gives the Delfonics' soul classic Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) a psychedelic touch with a sitar-like guitar sound and lilting Mellotron. Irene Peña appears with a version of Come and Get It, written by Paul McCartney for Badfinger; uplifting melodic pop underscored by a spiky powerpop chug.

Richard Barone contributes Riki Tiki Tavi by Donovan, a strong pop number whose playful chorus is sharply juxtaposed with pointed political verses. The Brothers Steve cover Cracklin' Rosie by Neil Diamond, coming across like David Bowie combined with the quirk factor of Donovan's more eccentric material. The Legal Matters cover George Harrison's What is Life, strong tuneful pop, a superb version. Marc Jonson's version of Melanie's Lay Down is folk-pop fleshed out with a big bassy drum sound and vocal harmonies nodding towards the production style of Phil Spector. Diamond Hands give the Kinks classic Lola the psychedelic treatment, with swirling sitar and raw, raunchy guitar work. The heaviest song is saved for last, The Stooges' Loose, a raucous slice of garage rock performed by The Used Electrics.

The CD is smartly packaged in a hard card gatefold sleeve with colourful retro-inspired art, the inner panel showing the centre labels of the original releases. A booklet with informative notes by the album's producer John M Borack completes the package. Find out more at bigstirrecords.com/spyderpop-records


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