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Please note new prices. Apologies for the increased prices - this is due to Royal Mail postage cost increases. I hope you will agree the items are still good value.

Tapes: 3.50 (UK), 5.50 (Europe), 6 (Rest of World).

Iris 7": 3.50 (UK), 6 (Europe), 8 (Rest of World).

Bubby Girl CD: Free with any order if requested, but please add extra to cover postage. Please enquire as to extra cost as this will vary depending on the amount of tapes ordered.

Note that I can only accept payment in UK pounds. Cheques/postal orders are to be made payable to K. Harten. I can also accept well-concealed cash, but I can't be held responsible for payment getting lost in the post. For address details email me - please note my NEW email address, found at the bottom of the homepage.

I can now also accept payment by Paypal (this is actually my preferred payment method now). I use my personal email address for this, which I don't publicise on the website in an effort to reduce spam - if you need the address please email me at the new email address referred to above for details. Also, could you please email me before placing any orders, to check availability of the items you're interested in. Many thanks!

UPDATE (30th August 2015): Just a reminder that the majority of the Bliss tape catalogue is still available for purchase from me (email me for my Paypal address, or postal address if you'd rather send a cheque or postal order). There is NO NEED to pay exorbitant prices on the second hand market as people are doing! Follow the links below for tape catalogue pages.

I only have a few blank tapes left and was originally intending to delete the entire catalogue once they'd all gone, as I'd not received a single order for 6 years, but I got a handful of orders come through fairly recently, perhaps due to the revived interest in tape labels that's come about in recent times. If this interest continues enough to justify ordering another batch of blank tapes, I will do so and the tapes will be kept available for the foreseeable future.

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