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Before overhauling this website, I used to have an extensive links page here. However, a lot of these links were very old and many sites probably didn't exist any more. I didn't have the time to go through every link to check which ones were still live, so have removed the old links page in its entirety. If you have exchanged links with me in the past and your site is still active, please contact me and I will include your site on this page.


CLOUDBERRY CAKE PROSELYTISM - A great indiepop blog, run by Roque of Cloudberry Records. Features interviews with lots of familiar names from the world of 80s and 90s indiepop, like Boyracer, The Brilliant Corners, Bulldozer Crash, The Groove Farm, Mighty Mighty, The Morrisons, Peru, The Proctors, The Sweetest Ache, and many more.

THE LIVING ARCHIVE OF UNDERGROUND MUSIC - An excellent document of the 1980s and 90s cassette underground, comprising interviews with and articles on many of its participants. Produced by underground musician Don Campau, who also founded DIY label Lonely Whistle and No Pigeonholes Radio. Don has interviewed me here.

BLISS AQUAMARINE FACEBOOK PAGE - Bliss Aquamarine is now on Facebook!

MUSIC & ELSEWHERE SHOWCASE - Audiozine covering a wide variety of underground genres, run by Mick Magic, founder of the Music & Elsewhere label and spacerock band Magic Moments at Twilight Time. See also the main site THE MAGIC NET, with underground music network info, interviews, sounds, and extensive links pages.

SARAH STUFF - Includes links to a Radio 1 interview from 1992 with Sarah Records' Clare Wadd, and press clippings.


MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS - This indie band from the early 1990s have put some of their music on Soundcloud. Influenced by Sarah Records and similar, they released a split 7" with Peru on WAAAAAAH!/Bring on Bull and contributed a song to WAAAAAAH!'s Sound of Music CD.

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